Managing Procreate File Sizes with iCloud

Procreate is a great drawing app for the iPad Pro. I enjoyed using it to complete several drawings. I selected Procreate because of its large brush selection and its capacity for multiple layers. Once you get used to drawing on layers you spoil yourself for lesser apps, like Adobe Sketch which is more limited in this respect.

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In Samsung’s case, karma is a bitch

In 2007, a few days before the iPhone was introduced, Apple filed design patents. In 2011, Apple sued Samsung for infringing on this intellectual property. Given the state of our legal system, this case has dragged on for years. Lawyers are paid to create diversions without regard to the case in point and courts entertain this folly. For example, Samsung argued the side-by-side photos showing the similarities between an iPhone and a Samsung phone submitted were altered. Lawyers argued about Photoshopping rather than how one company copied the others design. Apple should have just handed the court the phones for review. Clearly, they were (are) very similar – from shape and overall design to the icons on their screens.

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Windows 10 to run Xbox games

Microsoft’s new PCs running Windows 10 are going to run Xbox games. My first thought was that a more powerful video card enabling Windows 10 to run games would benefit all applications across the board. But I discovered these PCs will have (and always have had) two video cards – one for your regular applications that’s already built in and an additional one for your games.

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Cadillac Electric Car flop – repeating the past


Back in the early 1980’s when I was looking to purchase my first car I remember General Motors dominated the automobile landscape. The Corvette represented ultimate performance. Buick and Oldsmobile were the opulent comfort brands. Pontiac and Chevrolet led the way in affordable sporty value. Looking back I realize that the same cars offered at the time were also the ones that brought the company down. Notably, the Cadillac Cimarron. This was a rebranded Chevy without much effort put into actually rebranding. In fact, people who purchased the less expensive Chevy Cavalier were essentially purchasing a Cadillac.

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Microsoft Surface sales increase… but at what cost?


I see more Microsoft Surface computers on desktops these days. In fact, I rarely see anyone purchasing a new Windows laptop from any of the major brands other than an occasional Lenovo. I’ve seen three desks fitted with Surface tablets connected to a keyboard and large display. It appears to be a nice solution.

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Folding Chrome OS into Android is another reason why Google will never beat Apple


It would be wonderful to have one operating system for all devices. Microsoft certainly deserves credit for trying with their latest OS. But PC sales have been falling rapidly while sales for Apple personal computers has been on the rise. Granted, Microsoft still dominates, but the trend is clear. I believe the trend is drenched in the fact Microsoft has made compromises that spoil both the desktop and mobile experience. So why is Google – or Alphabet as they now call themselves – following suit?

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