How about an iPad Desktop?

iOS desktop computer - home
Apple iOS Desktop Computer – Home Screen

Imagine a large iPad, perhaps 17.9 inches or larger, on your desk. I’d certainly like one! Imagine it ran all the software you needed for word processing, spreadsheets and photo editing. Imagine it was wirelessly connected to an Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil and an Apple Mouse (or Trackpad)

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Getting work done with Pixelmator Pro

I have been looking forward to Pixelmator Pro since its announcement back in September 2017. As an Art Director/Marketing Manager the iPad Pro 12.9” had already become a big part of the way I worked. I needed the mobility of iOS. To meet demanding deadlines it became important for me to be able to layout an advertisement or retouch a photo whenever a spark of creativity hit. The iPad Pro quickly became my ‘computer’ of choice. The iOS version of Pixelmator was so impressive I started using Pixelmator on the iMac at work. With a few nits to pic, Pixelmator replaced Photoshop on my iMac simply because I was able to move seamlessly from iMac to iPad with confidence and ease.

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Drawing with Pixelmator for iOS

I love drawing on glass and have been on a search to determine the best drawing app for the iPad Pro. Having downloaded about a dozen apps, clearly an app I like may not be one that you like because they all work differently and have different interfaces. At the moment, my top three drawing apps for iOS (in no particular order) are Sketchbook Pro, Procreate and Pixelmator. This post focuses on Pixelmator.

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Managing Procreate File Sizes with iCloud

Procreate is a great drawing app for the iPad Pro. I enjoyed using it to complete several drawings. I selected Procreate because of its large brush selection and its capacity for multiple layers. Once you get used to drawing on layers you spoil yourself for lesser apps, like Adobe Sketch which is more limited in this respect.

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Apple Pages as an InDesign Replacement

My iPad Pro is always with me. If it’s not in my backpack it’s on my couch, ottoman or night table. Recently, I needed to take a day off to bring my father to the doctor. I was in the middle of a project at work that was time sensitive – a creative slick to pitch a client. A file I’d normally create in Adobe InDesign was setup in Apple Pages in order to come along with me that day. It worked out very well

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